Monday, September 19, 2005

I don't know what makes me think this will be different...

But here I am. As if I didn't have enough places on the the Gore-net to post my thoughts, here is yet another. Amazingly, my old website address (Always Next Year) was already taken as a blogspot name, which I found both very interesting and very depressing.

The reason I'm here, I suppose, is that I tired of livejournal long ago, I don't find myspace conducive to anything but stalking people I no longer care about from high school (or do I care so much that I simply have to stalk them?), and Homestead stole my website--well, at least they're holding it hostage until I pony up the 34234234 bucks they want or whatever, which we all know isn't going to happen in this or any other millenium, unless someone wants to sponsor me and my internet-posting addiction. ( I feel like I could have made that sentence longer. I'll try harder next time.)

I plan on using this as an outlet for my misanthropic feelings. Well, not so much that I plan on it as much as I think that that's what it's going to devolve into. I also just bought some art supplies so that I can start a multimedia misanthropy project on the basement wall. I'm on a sinking ship full of optimists...


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