Thursday, October 06, 2005

Go go gadget post number 27!

I am sick/getting sick/getting better from being sick. I have been very sleep-deprived for very long and I think my body is finally telling me that it's sick of my shit. But I'll show it - even less sleep, asshole! That's what you get for complaining. Fucking asshole.

I'm sure that no one actually read my last post. Hell, I didn't even read it. My apologies to Adam, whose fragile little mind can't comprehend the rambling of the Uber Street kids and our hyper-self-aware blogs. We're just too postmodern for the Midwest, man. Your mind has gotten soft out there in the heartland.

I'm going to Liz tomorrow! Woot woot! As usual, she has feigned interest in my visit, balked several times at the suggestion, blew me off three times, and twice just laughed at the thought of it, but eventually my feminine wiles won her over. (...que?) Also, I get to see Dan's sketch comedy group perform at some tiny theater in NYC somewhere. Go go gadget doing something on a weekend for once!

I skipped my first class today. So begins the slow descent in the spiralling vortex that is senior year and my quest to mathematically eliminate myself from grad school...


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