Tuesday, March 27, 2007

High of 77 today

That's, um, 438 in Celsius, for those keeping track at home.

I keep having these weird, depressing dreams. What's weird is that I almost never remember dreams, but in the past two weeks I've remembered two, and they're both pretty gross. Why can't I remember cool ones, like when I play Magnum, P.I. or when I have acid-laced tea with Hunter Thompson? (I know these kinds of dreams happen, or at least I reallllllllly hope they do.)

Last week, I dreamed that I stayed in the office all night to work on this project, but I didn't even notice and it wasn't a conscious decision. The only reason I realized what I had done was because people started coming in to work (at 6 am, for some reason). When I woke up, I was pretty confused - but kinda hopeful because I knew I had to work on that project that day and I wasn't looking forward to it at all. Alas, I still had to work on the project and I wasn't doing any sleep-coding that night.

Then last night I dreamed that my roommate and I got evicted from our apartment, but not for anything we did. Our landlord was selling our place and the new owner was doing something silly with the place, like turning it into a disco for undersized Romanians or something. For some reason we had to pay our old landlord $3000, and the letter that told us we were evicted was addressed to me, even though I'm not on the lease. Now, I think I can see where this one is coming from - yesterday I found that we owe a total of $128 in damages for our condo in Aspen - for a broken picture ($20) and "extra housekeeping" ($108). We didn't have any parties, and I don't know where this is coming from. The only thing I can think of is that one of our last roommates was sick and might have thrown up everywhere, which would suck azzz.

Please, brain, just stop letting me remember these dreams. Give me more dreams like the one where I went on a love tryst to Germany and killed a guy and tried to steal his Range Rover, only to have him come back as a zombie and do weird zombie Tekken moves on me. (True story, best dream I ever had.)

Couple notes - the new Battles record, "Mirrored," is wicked good. I highly recommend it. It's like circus music for metalheads, and it's catchy in the way a grappling hook grabs your flesh and gives you a wedgie with it. This article in the Village Voice proves that white people can write about rap, as long as they stick to what they're good at.


At 6:49 PM, Blogger Paul Tsikitas said...

DOOD. It's probably because your a lush that you are remembering all these dreams. Either that or excitement that I'm movin to town so we can hang again. Le sigh... it's been too long.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Paul Tsikitas said...

Yea man. Noringo is ROCKING the show on Saturday so get there before 7:45 cuz we will start round then.


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