Sunday, April 29, 2007


Oh hai.

Greatest. Website. Ever.

Other than that, I was wicked sick this past week. Might have been strep, may be infect tonsils, might have been something else. Need to navigate labyrinthine health plan on Monday and go to the doctor this week. Not that they can do anything now that I'm feeling better, but hopefully they can tell me something cheery, like I need to have my tonsils out or I just fought off strep or aliens finally got to watch the end of Pootie Tang.

I'm off to Denver next Sunday for the whole month of May, but luckily you'll have one big, festive chance to remind me just how little you'll miss me next Saturday. That's right folks, Saturday is Cinco de Mustache! Tentative plan is to start mid-afternoon at my house, barbecuing and celebrating all things mustache, and go till whenevz. Show up when you can, let me know if you need my address or whatevz. And put forth that extra effort this week into growing your beautiful lip mane!


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