Monday, October 10, 2005

Let's see how this goes...

I just tried to print out a picture of Liz and I so that I could hang it up next to my computer, but my printer is shitty and/or out of ink. So, Liz, if you're reading this and I forgot to mention it, remind me to have you print out this picture for me.

Well then.

Hi everyone! It's been a long time. The longest drought on record here at Plastic Coffee Cups, in fact. Let's take a look around the world and see what has happened since I last updated, shall we?

I briefly considered joining Facebook, but again stopped myself because I hate people, especially people who go to my school.

Joe Estevez is still an underrated actor. As always.

Vin Diesel continues to get work. Millions of people everywhere weep; one guy somewhere in Oklahoma cheers.

The White Stripes continue to impress me. Jack White continues to convince me that he is not, in any way, shape or form, a stable man.

Lou is still allergic to peanuts, and Liz still cannot fathom how he is still alive.

Gwar still fucking rules. And yes, my notebook still has "GWAR" written in big letters across the front. And yes, I slightly regret doing that. But only slightly!

I am still utterly astounded by Animal Crossing. Shit's brilliant, man.

Insomnia is still making my brain press against my cranial walls. Kinda makes me feel like, oh, I don't know, consuming human flesh or something.


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