Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tall boys of cold ones at a hotel in Houston

So, blogging live from muggy-as-shit Houston, Texas. My flight out of Boston was delayed due to weather, and I missed my connection back to Denver. Fuckin a, man.

Airline gave me a discounted room at a hotel full of Halliburton "students." Luckily I have to get up at 6 for breakfast (which, a drunken HB employee assured me, is "the best in town") and I'm not _quite_ functional at that hour, so I won't start any shit, at least not deliberately. Of course, I'm also a huge pussy so I probably wouldn't anyways.

Went to the Red Sox game last night with some dudes from high school, kids I haven't seen in a minute. It was pretty great. We met up with girls from high school, too, and one of them reminded me that my five year high school reunion is coming up this Turkey Day. Shudder. I feel like Martin Blanke. Not so much in that I kill people for a living, or that I have a certain "moral flexibility," or that Dan Aykroyd is trying to get me to join a union, as much as I wish those things were true, but rather in that my head is sort of spinning about it - should I stay or should I go? (Bonus points for establishing the GPB - Clash connection.) Should I care? Luckily, I have five months to forget about it and then have this internal conversation again.

Camping all weekend next weekend. Huzzah! Can't wait. Going to the dunes.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger ChristineB. said...

why are you where you are?

At 12:15 AM, Anonymous annie said...

ok duder i'm leaving you a comment! probably my first one ever, but here's my advice...i didn't go AND...

i don't think there's been when one day when i've been like "DAMMIT, i didn't go!" remember, its paying alot of money to do something you do every Thanksgiving Eve at Owen's or JJ's. Same exact deal. Ok that's my two cents ha


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