Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ahh, the fake pressure of a blog...

Amazingly, there are still people who read this tripe. I <3 you all.

So what's new here? It's getting wayyyy colder (I wore my big fuzzy jacket for the first time today), work has been totally bonkers ("wild and woolly," my director calls it), John and the rest of Team Fun were here for the Fun Jihad and Samkinggrr threw up a lot (so did everyone else except John, the bastard), and I'm looking to scratch a musical itch again.

You know what I mean? Like, when you know you want to listen to something, but you can't figure out what it might be? I liken it to when you have an itch in the back of your throat that you can't scratch, no matter how many times you cough or drink water or hock something up or stick sharp metallic objects down there. It's like that.

So, I'm looking for a little audience participation here, since evidently no one but KDHL cares what I have to say about Nawlins.

So, I'm going to steal a page out of the game book that KDHL and I have been using for a little while - it also reminds me of High Fidelity, which I'm obviously soooo on board for.

So, the idea here sprang from the question "If you could have lunch with five people today, who would they be?" The idea here, I think, is that you choose five famous people you want to have lunch with. One of my favorite categories recently was "What five people would be in your movie, and what kind of movie would it be?" My answers weren't very good because I didn't think through it too much, but KDHL had some good ones. I don't want to give it up, but I want to hear what you guys want.

So, you're finally making your dream indie film that you wrote and are directing, and you get your choice of actors. Who do you grab, and what's your movie like?


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Crystal said...

Wow, Drew, this was a tall order, but I guess it's time to unveil my masterpiece.

It's hard to describe exactly what my movie would be like, but just imagine a map-cap combination of "winged migration" and "schindler's list" and you'll have a pretty solid idea of what it's about. I'm sure you get the picture.

As for characters, Cloe Sevigny is the heroine (she plays a pre-lost in translation scarlet johansson) and her lover is William H. Macy and Philip Seymour Hoffman as two different personalities of the same man.

In addition there is a baby seal that speaks french in exchange for bits of fish.

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Courtney said...

oooh dream indie film? this could be awesome. i'd want to do some knd of mockumentary thing. or just a comedy about this: my dad is in this softball league in my small CT town and theres guys of all ages and all they live for is summertime and the softball league. and drinking beer after the games. and they all talk about their lives and stuff. it's a great escape for them. so my movie would be about the guys and their team, and they love the league but are all not so great and they decide to go for the gold and get in shape and stuff to win the championship. the characters would be:
the manager (aka my dad) played by steve carrell
his best friend/sidekick played by will ferrell
resident team wacko played by owen wilson
softball/life rookie palyed by michael cera
nemesis of opposing team played by brad pitt

okay try to pretend you don't want me to make this movie so that you can see it and love it.


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