Friday, October 12, 2007

Whoa whoa, feeeeeelings

So it felt like the first day of fall in Philly today. I wore shorts and a wool military surplus button-up, and it felt just right. It's upon us.

I've also had a weird recurring cough for the past few weeks. I think it's the weather, since it was mad cold a couple weeks ago, then 87 on Monday, and now 65 for a high today. Dunno though. Could be avian flu. One never knows these days.

I've also been feeling a bit melancholy lately. I think it's a combination of a bunch of stuff. The weather and finishing The Road by Cormac McCarthy mostly, I think.

Also, not enough can ever be said, I suppose, about having your BFFs (I D K, Jill?) in the same city as you. Having them scattered around the country and not getting to see them is just not cool. I wish I lived in the same neighborhood as everyone I care about. We could have big group dinners, and drink too much together at a really shitty bar near our houses, and talk about how the government is fucked up, and how we just want to be in relationships and friendships with people in whom we really see something.

Something, like what? Something, like how we want the world to be like. Something, like how we think people should act toward each other. Something, like how the things we see in each other are the things that are right with humanity.

I want to be able to see all my friends and say this to them, and drink a toast in honor of all of them.

<*!--end emo interlude--!*>


At 10:01 PM, Blogger Courtney said...

love the IDK, Jill thing..hilarious and great reference.

my sentiments exactly about the friends thing. can't we all have a little neighborhood with all of our friends? like how it is on TV. it's stupid that there are other cities than philly.

i've felt melancholy too. lets hang out and cheer each other up by making fun of eachother.


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