Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Onslaught of posts!

As my dear friend Nick Norlen pointed out to me in college, during the very best years of our slackerdom, "Procrastination begets progress in other areas of life." Truer words were never spoken by a man with a degree in communications and minors in english and philosophy.

So here I am, with so much work on my plate and so much packing to do, dicking around on this website with Samkinggrrr:

It's unbelievable. At one point, one of the authors or a commenter or something makes this astounding leap of logic:

the more info I find on him the more I feel with all my heart he is the anti christ! One example is his blatent name... it's almost as god himself has made it sooo ironically obvious that something is definetly up, I mean come on people Obama is about as close as you can get to Osama... Barack means blessed, and Hussein will always be associated with Saddam. Not only that weird coincidence, but if you add all the letters of his name together you get 18...which in turn you could come to the conclusion that 6+6+6=18

(Ed. note: Freudian slip much? When I was coding that blockquote a second ago, I wrote "blackquote". Lolz.)

So, Samkinggrr and I decided to write some haiku about Obama strictly in 6 character groupings.

hecame fromth esea!!
belove dshark GODorD EVIL??
repent voteMc Cain!!

themar kofthe beast!
ontheD emball ot0h8:
barack hussie NObama

Obama? Nothan ks!!!!
NObama ismore likeit. Change?
Ha!!!! Ifyoul ikeHel l!!!!!

Hussei nisana aaaame
ThatBa rocksh areswi thaman
Whoist hedevi l!!!!!

barack obama-
antich ristwe waited foooor
speaki nginsi xxxxxs


At 7:42 AM, Blogger jmcleoson said...


Yeah that site is addictive. I was trying to hold back on saying anything, but after one guy declared that Obama "will bring about a system in America much like the South African apartheid," I had to ask if anyone, just anyone, had some kind of sensible hold on reality.

No dice.


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