Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strange bedfellows

So in the past eight nights, I have spent the night in eight different places.

Wednesday 4/16 - My bed in Philly

Thursday 4/17 - Amtrak, between Philly and Boston

Friday 4/18 - Hotel, Gardner, MA

Saturday 4/19 - Space Machine, Somerville, MA

Sunday 4/20 - Stephan household, Northboro, MA

Monday 4/21 - Nate's house, Boston, MA

Tuesday 4/22 - Paul's house, Boston, MA

Wednesday 4/23 - John's house, Cambridge, MA

Tonight might also be spent at John's house, thus breaking this unlikely and dubiously distinctive streak. Friday night will almost certainly be spent in NYC at Crystal's house, so if I can find another place tonight that would make ten places in ten nights. I kinda wanna make it happen.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Crystal said...

So glad you kept up the streak. Sorry I had a little trouble keeping up with you whippersnappers but don't worry I'm going to start training so that I can do up your going away party in style:)

It was awesome to see you!


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