Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Monday blog that's so hungover it can't even get up till Thursday

So here's the much-delayed blog post - I love how much I felt what Drew calls the "fake pressure" of the blog world. I really felt like I wanted to write here really badly, but I just couldn't get around to it. I had "work" to do or something like that. So yea - back off.

I'm live blogging from my back yard, where Steve the Cat is meandering about amongst the ruins of the weekend's party. The remnants of six cases of beer, a bunch of trash, more cigarette butts than I care to think about - overall, the party was, I believe, a rousing success. Boston came down with furious vengeance, and also ridiculous drinking and chain-smoking, and we had some very scantily-clad men and well-dressed women prancing about the newly-labeled "Time Machine." Pictures are on the Book of Faces, and I think I'm friends with most of y'all out there, so check 'em out.

Ok, so - as I think most of you know, the main reason I've been antsy lately (as was mentioned a little while ago) is that I've decided to leave my job sometime this summer (June-ish) and move to New Orleans. I basically decided this a few months ago, and it's just now that I've been able to nail down the plan as much as I can for right now. I'm applying to jobs and looking at apartments and shit - it's all very exciting and I really can't wait to get down there. Thanks to everyone who's listened to me babble on about this, and everyone had better and visit. It's a very, very fantastic place and if you come down, you'll fall in love, too. It's okay, happens to everyone.

Other shit - spring needs to come in the worst way, and my allergy medicine needs to start working like whoa. Cool idea for a post over at Fuckyouistan. I need to get more sleep - the generic benadryl I bought today should help that. Thought of an amazing idea a little while ago that I will need to dedicate a whole post to shortly. I have been cooking a lot lately, and maybe I will post some of the recipes I have been using so that people can enjoy these delicious veggie dishes as much as I have. A couple of very hilarious lists over at McSweeney's.

Ok, I need to go sneeze all over Steve now.


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