Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back on track

(Apologies to those belligerent people who bemoaned the lack of live blogging this past weekend. I was quite busy.)

So, after a few days and a slightly extended trip, I return from the Crescent City. This is my second visit to NOLA, and this trip was even better than the first. I got a really good feeling for the city this time - where people spend time, where young people live, how the city is laid out, how to get different places, what people do for work, etc etc.

KDHL was a wonderful host, as always. We really hit a pretty decent rhythm after a couple days, and I'm really grateful that we've become such good friends. Her friends are awesome, she pulls strings to get us stuff, she's helping me make some contacts, she buys me beer - all great things. Even though my trip was a couple days longer than I had anticipated, I still felt like I was leaving home and going to visit Philly when I left this morning. Very strange feeling, indeed.

From what I hear, New Orleans has this effect on people. They come down for a month of volunteer work, and before they know it, it's a year and a half later and they have a full time job and a whole new life. I can feel it happening to me.

Must be all the wonderful drugs in the water.

Anyways, I had a grandiose time there, and I can't wait to head back.

And that's the end of my book report on my trip to New Orleans. The end.


At 6:00 PM, Blogger Paul Tsikitas said...

NEVER end a Book Report with The End!

At 1:22 AM, Blogger Courtney said...

i'd be sad if you left philly. even though i haven't seen you in oh um maybe like ten thousand years. :) p.s...that wasn't a judgement, though it may sound like one. we've just both been busy! but one day i hope we can see eachother again.


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