Sunday, January 27, 2008


Okay, let's play a game - spot how many good decisions and great decisions there are in this story.

I hung out with some friends at a party the other night, had a beer or seventeen, and left around 3:30. I was biking home and talking on the phone. (Bee tea dub, the back brake is broken on my bike.) Somewhere around 9th and Catharine (a pretty quiet place at 3:30), I hit a pot hole - hard. I thought "maybe I can save this" as I flew over the handlebars in slow motion. Next thing I know I'm writhing on the ground with my bike upside down next to me. Out of nowhere, a guy approaches me and says, with a vague accent, "Are you alright?" I respond with groaning and, eventually, "Where did that come from??" To which my new friend* responded, "I'm from Italy." I start giggling and say, "No, not you, the pot hole." I pull my yard sale together, get back on my bike, and my new friend walks away. I yell after him "Grazie!" and he responds with a jaunty "Ciao!" I then ride away, trying to figure out if that really just happened.

I took the brunt of the fall on my elbow, which is still quite swollen. I can't really extend it all the way. I also ended up with a cut on my side. All things considered, I'm pretty goddamn lucky. I probably should have landed on my face, and that would have been terrible because I really can't afford to be any uglier than I already am.

So what's the count? This story is rife with amazing decisions - I'll make my count and post my guess, too.

* I call him a friend because he saw me at my most asinine and pathetic, and really, that's what friend do.

"Hey Catrine, I know it's true when I'm sitting in my room.
But sometimes knowing is not enough, when time is what we've lost."

- "Hey Catrine" by Lifetime (from Jersey's Best Dancers)


At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

I remember being at Nikki's till 6 AM. Then Matt and I decide to walk home, which is the point where I blacked out. I made it all the way through the night up until when I had to walk, go figure. Apparently I dropped my purse, dropped my camera (a knob broke off of it) and would stop on random corners and go from blank to sad to happy all within 5 seconds. My emotions and my camera were flying apparently.

At 6:32 PM, Anonymous matt said...

#1) "grazie!" hahaha. smooth, drew.

#2) people don't use "rife" enough.

#3) speaking of enough, i've used enough quotations already, haven't i.

#4) you know what's really good for swollen elbows? not falling.

#5) i like lists, order, and symmetry.

#6) i am glad that you are okay.

#7) thank you for the hat. i will figure out a way to return the favor(*).

(*) not THAT.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger jmcleoson said...

random note given way too late:

I remember my freshman roomate was really excited to know that one of the guys from Lifetime was a professor or administrator at La Salle... Dan Yemen? Maybe? I don't know if he's still there.

That is all.


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