Sunday, January 06, 2008

The 237th post is almost always a good one

So today is KHDL's last full day in Philly - wah wah. But we have a big day in store - brunch at the Sidecar, the Mutter Museum, the Art Museum, Trader Joe's, making dinner, napping, potentially going out. Whew!

It's been a really fun week, and I'm so glad she's been here. We've done a bunch of really cool stuff, and I think I might be changing her mind about Philly a little. She's a hater, you see, but I think part of it was just that she had never come here with someone who REALLY knew his or her way around. It's funny how a city can do that to you. Denver definitely gave me that impression - that if I hadn't known people there who knew where to go or what to do, I wouldn't have been as impressed with the city as I was. I guess it's always good to have a guide. An urban sherpa, maybe.

"Take all the things that I've said that he stole
Put 'em in a sack
Swing 'em over my shoulder
Turn on my heels
Step out of this sight
Try to live in a lovelier light"

- "Not About Love" by Fiona Apple (from Extraordinary Machine)


At 12:14 AM, Blogger KDHL said...

I only like Philly for the bars and sick amount of information on conjoined twins. So there.

Also, you just called yourself an urban sherpa. I can't stop rolling my eyes right now.


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