Friday, June 13, 2008

Roadtrip ought-eight


I made it to New Orleans safe and sound, and much quicker than I had anticipated. I made stops in Asheville, Nashville and Memphis, and I'm really glad that I took the time to do that. I have no idea how much time I actually spent in the car or how many cups of coffee and energy drinks I had, but I do know that I traveled 1,531 miles in 44 hours, with some stops and a little bit of sleeping mixed in.

Thanks to all you who listened to me blabber on during the drive - the road is a lonely place, and the sea is a cruel mistress.

Here are a couple of pics - a little tease tease for the taste buds. If I ever get my act together, I will post the rest on Facebook.

The hills in Tennessee going toward Asheville:

Skeptical and haggard after 5 straight hours of driving:

Cutest kitten evar (his name is Toby!!!), Kirsten's house in Asheville:

View from Broadway, downtown Asheville:

Fireworks supermarket, East Bumfuck, TN:

Cumberland River, Nashville, TN:

Broadway, Nashville, TN:

Riverfront Drive/Mississippi River, Memphis, TN:

Beale Street, Memphis, TN:

One of Elvis' jets at Graceland (I didn't go in):

Welcome to Louisiana!


At 6:25 AM, Blogger Crystal said...

Address Please! For real this time.


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