Sunday, February 19, 2006

Goin to A.C., Saturday night!!

I made my inaugural trip to Atlantic City this last night. It was pretty fuckin great. I ended up only being down about 15 bucks, which is pretty hot for 7 hours of gambling and other assorted mild debauchery. Between the four of us, we ended up losing something like 650 bucks. Poor E-Rock lost damn near five hundo. After losing the 420 he came down with, we went to a pub and I bought him dinner and we took turns buying him shots of the cheapest whiskey they had.

E-Rock: (to waitress) How much is the cheapest whiskey you have?
Waitress: 3.50
Joe Smash: Bring him a shot of that on me.
E-Rock: Bring me another shot of that on me.

So if you know E-Rock, give him a pat on the back. Also, don't tell his girlfriend how much he lost.

So what did we learn? Don't listen to Floorpunch.


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