Friday, October 14, 2005

Media blitz!

I love how life just slows down on weekends. Everything just moves...a...little....slower. You get up later, you do far fewer activities, you let your gut stick out after sucking it in all week, you finally get around to doing that homework that you were just too busy to bother with during the week. Fridays always just seem to move in slow motion, but the clock seems to move in double time; I get half as much done in twice the time.

I normally don't like tribute albums, especially tributes to bands I really like. However, I just picked up my copy of Where Is My Mind?, the Pixies tribute album, and it's actually quite good. The Get Up Kids do a stellar cover of "Alec Eiffel," Reel Big Fish does a superb dance remix of "Gigantic," Braid does an awesome version of "Trompe Le Monde," and, of course, Nada Surf's "Where Is My Mind?" is a classic, too. Also, I highly recommend Blur's "The Best Of." It is a very good album that I have been listening to. Full of Britpop goodness.

Right now I am reading Barrel Fever by David Sedaris and Pastoralia by George Saunders, which are both books that are very, very good for people with vicious/satirical streaks in them (like me). Also, anyone out there who wants to pursue writing in the future absolutely must read Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson. Anyone who does not want to pursue writing should also read Jesus' Son. It is a very good book.

I am going to go watch What's Up, Tiger Lily? now. I think it will be good. I bought two new shirts and some new socks at Target today and saw my ex-girlfriend there. It was terrifying. Buying socks is always very annoying because they are one of a very small handful of things that I am ridiculously anal about. So help me bog if there's any protrusions on the inside of socks, like an overzealous toe seam or too much lint. Drives me fucking insane. I also bought some Irish Spring Icy Blast soap. It smells very good and is making my whole room smell very good, too.

Man, sleep deprivation is shitty. Luckily, since I never do anything on the weekends I usually get lots of sleep. I am sorry that this post is just a pathetically sleep deprived post and not a hilariously sleep deprived post. Maybe it will be better tomorrow.

Daggers of Throwing is playing at the dirty house at St. Joe's on October 29th for their Halloween show. Needless to say, Daggers and Halloween go together like peanut butter and gasoline, so it should prove to be a delicious and scrumtrelescent good time. Bring an extra t-shirt and we will put a Daggers logo on it!


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