Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sage-like advice

So I went out to the bar (hurray for free Cokes!) with two of my roommates and some other peeps tonight, and my roomie Taylor was in rough shape because he's going through some ish with his novia. So, naturally, he got really crunk and then proceeded, as is his wont, to make a big ass of himself by singing and talking....a lot. I mean, a lot. Like, seriously? A lot.

So we get into the house and come into our room, and he's still singing the song "All Over You" by Live, which we had heard on the radio for the first time since '96. He then climbs into bed, mumbling about whether or not to call his girl up and have at her, but decided against it. He then let out a nugget of wisdom that I really liked. He said that he didn't want to deal with reality tonight, because it was 3:30 in the morning. Instead, he said he would "deal with reality tomorrow, on Sunday, because that's what Sundays are for."

Then he made fun of me for typing loudly, peed with the bathroom door open, and passed the fuck out. Pretty surreal.


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