Friday, June 01, 2007

Is you what they call "gangsta"? Hell no

As this picture was being taken, Wes said to me, "If people ask you how your trip to Colorado was, just flash this photo to them."

So, here's me flashing this photo.

More pics!

This was our campsite, a nice little aspen grove next to a stream. Hammer and Jamie are posing. Wes is hiding.

The crew - Wes, Hammer, Luke, Jamie. We fit all of us and our gear in a Chevy Prism. We bottomed out a lot.

Fort Garland, Colorado. The post office and grocery are in the same building.

Annelia + mountains + dunes = super awesome.

Everybody up on top of High Dune - Dave, Jen, Jamie, Luke, Hammer, Wes, Annelia in front.

Annelia and Wes on top of High Dune, my thumb interfering as always.

Dave, Luke, Jamie, Hammer, Jen, Wes and Annelia, meet mountains, dunes.

You know them by now.

Memorial Day is crowded.

View from the Visitors Center.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Crystal said...

the sand dune ate one of your legs


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