Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hurray for living in one of four states that voted MORE REPUBLICAN than last time!


So that guy Obama won, weeeoooo. Or something. Hope, change, blah blah - as always, The Onion nails it more than anyone.

Another interesting story is about how gun sales have skyrocketed in the past two months, especially since the election. Much of the story focuses on Texas, which actually voted more Democratic than the last election.

"People are terrified of losing their right to protect themselves," said DeWayne Irwin, owner of Cheaper Than Dirt, a large gun store in Fort Worth. "The volume is 10 times what we ever expected. It started with assault rifles, but at this point, people are buying ammunition, high capacity magazines, Glocks -- it's all flying off the shelf.

Uhhhh yea. The article also notes that most people are stocking up because they think Obama will take away their second amendment rights, but "A few say they are preparing to protect themselves in the event of a race war."

Oh! And remember when Barry said that there were a bunch of folks out there who were clinging to their guns and religion - the "bitters" as Wonkette soon affectionately dubbed them? Who knew you could cling to both under the same roof.

At the Memorial Shooting Center in Houston, a popular gun store and firing range that shares a building with a church, managers said they sold out their stock of assault weapons a day after the election and are now adding orders, at more than $1,000 each, to a monthlong waiting list.

Mm hmm! Gotta defend my home from the Moolims that Barr Ack Oh Bama is gonna be lettin' in!

In other news, this:

Happy Not A Father's Day!


At 11:46 AM, Blogger Paul Tsikitas said...

Yeah when I heard gun sales were going up, it annoyed me to no end. Like, seriously do you need assault rifles? WTF. I have never once thought that I ever needed any kind of gun, let alone a fucking assault rifle. I hope there is a race war and it's the race of idiots versus the race of intellectuals and we use puns to take them down. Seriously, let the red states of the South have their confederacy back. We don't want you!


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