Monday, July 21, 2008

Well then

Whoa, okay. So it's been a minute. And even though I was feeling the fake pressure of having a stagnant blog breathing down my neck like a fat guy craving my krispy kreme, I just couldn't bring myself to actually update. So here I am, late as always.

Boston was amazing. I always love that town for a week and a half, and then I'm really glad when I leave. As a whole, I'm closer with people from there than anywhere else, mostly because I've known them for longer than anyone else, but there's just something about that town that gets old to me after 10 days. Probably all the white folks and total lack of crime. I need danger...nay, I demand it!

Also as per usual, our Space Machine parties were stellar and lasted long into the night. The Goodbye, Paul Tilley Weenie Roast and Paul Tilley Roast was a great time, especially seeing Paul so fucking embarrassed. What an asshole. The Drukkake reunion/Zombie Apocalypse party was also So Good.

Other than that, I am in yet another transitional period - looking for a new place to live and a new job. I should know where I'll be living after today, which will be nice. In a kind of sadistic way, I like looking for apartments. It's pretty cool to envision myself living in all these different places and meeting different people, etc etc. But, it's also really stressful and I'm always pretty happy when the whole thing is over. And hopefully that Day is today. The job front is just starting to heat up, so nothing to report there.

Finally, lots of people are coming to New Orleans to visit soon! The Thrash Boys, aka Ramming Speed, will be here this week, for a day or two. Trouble. August 4th, Dr. Robbottomly will be here for a week and we'll have sweaty man hugs. Then, I just found out that my new friend Rachel will be here in the middle of August. So many Boston visitors at the most miserable time of the summer! Makes sense to me...


At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Annie said...

what, aggressive squirrels aren't enough for you?!?!??

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Joe said...

slayer might be breaking up. discuss.


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