Thursday, February 05, 2009

Today's edition of "What Were You Doing Instead Of Work"

Full text of an IM conversation with my old college roommate Drew. This is exactly how two years of college went.

Drew Stephan
i think patrick duffy is sitting in the courtyard of this coffee shop

Drew Lazor
pic pic pic pic pic

Drew Stephan
i don't have a camera!

Drew Lazor
how have you not taken his picture
take it take it take it take it

Drew Stephan

Drew Lazor
ive seen that one so many times, need new content!
dude if you are in the sam eplace as patrick duffy and you do not a) talk to him or b) at least get his picture
you will regret it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE

Drew Stephan
i can't get it!
he's too far away and my phone camera is SHITE
ok i've been stealing furtive glances at him

Drew Stephan
and i googled pictures of duffy these days

Drew Lazor
go talk to him right now

Drew Lazor

Drew Stephan
it's not him!
it's not him
but he looks an awful lot like him

Drew Lazor
youre just saying that bc youre a puss

Drew Stephan
not true

Drew Lazor
go talk to frank lambert NOW

Drew Stephan
i think he's just some random euro guy with a younger male companion

Drew Lazor
thats totally patrick duffy!!!

Drew Stephan
is duffy married? this guy has a ring
ooo he has the same birthday as pat stephan

Drew Lazor
hes married to his craft

Drew Lazor
dude if that is patrick duffy and you dont talk to him im going to be SO MAD

Drew Stephan
dude thank god for the multiple search bars in firefox

Drew Stephan
so i don't have to keep typing in PATRICK DUFFY
Birth Name
Patrick G. Duffy

The Duffster
The Duff Man
ok, he's married
ok ok i'm going to go the bathroom and try to nab a pic of him on the way back

Drew Lazor

Drew Stephan
ok ok def not duffy

Drew Lazor
ok that is really fucked up man
how you gonna tell me something like that without being sure
im really really upset now.

Drew Stephan
i walked right next to him!
and i heard him talking!
he was not bobby ewing at all
OR frank lambert

Drew Lazor
im weeping

Drew Stephan
as i tried to take the pic i think i hit a 6 on my phone
and it took 6 pics
and made the camera sound every time
i will never be a spy


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Paul Tsikitas said...

This is brilliant.

My word I love you two assholes.


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