Sunday, September 25, 2005

This is how I spend my Saturday nights

8:38 get back from tla, grocery, wawa
8:47 start annie hall, watch annie hall, entertain various guests
10:34 finish annie hall, start mvp
10:52 finish mvp (won 11-0)
11:04 fucking laundry...
11:18 not dry yet. pull it out anyways
11:33 finish folding laundry, pull out acoustic
11:53 go downstairs to read and eat
12:55 make bacon cheddar ranch burger (mmm)
1:24 start animal crossing
2:17 fucked around online
2:44 downstairs
2:56 upstairs
3:09 downstairs
3:14 into basement for more guitar
3:22 start love and death
3:54 liz calls, pace around basement talking
4:22 resume love and death
5:00 start falling asleep during movie, head to bed
5:07 crawl into bed
5:22 fall asleep


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