Sunday, October 16, 2005

Even more existential dread!

It's a sad state of affairs when I only have two minor tasks - laundry and watch a movie - to do on a Sunday and I can't even muster the effort to even attempt either. Plus my neck hurts from headbanging to Slayer last night. I've had "Reign in Blood" stuck in my head all day, and every time I start humming it, I obviously have to headband a little while playing air guitar, and each time brings about more and more pain. Goddamn you, Slayer, for rocking so hard!

Yesterday was a good day. Mexican food, Clark Park, a movie, and a party that was enjoyable both in actuality and ironically. My knee hurts. I'm pondering a purchase of some Osteo Bi-Flex. This trouble going up and down the stairs needs to stop. And Regis is going to help me.

I set out to make this post less depressing than the one that I made the other day, but I think it's pretty clear that I failed miserably. I used to be so cheery, too. And yesterday was such a good day...

Midsemester break is coming up this weekend. Four day weekends do not suck. Liz might be coming down. I'm excited. I like her. She doesn't like me too much, but she pretends very well. A commendable performance that I'm sure the Academy will recognize this year.


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