Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Back in Philly.

Missed my flight so I got an extra day in Denver. Excellent send-off party at Gabor's in Denver with Dirt, Wes and Crystal, among others. Choice quote of the night (that I can remember) came when Dirt insisted everyone say one thing they liked about me (it was tough), courtesy of Dirt himself: "I like that Drew's actually a pretty big guy, which I just found out."

I lived with Dirt and Wes for a month.

Choice text message, courtesy of Wes, 10 minutes after I left the bar: "Crystal just said 'Drew left?' "

Love ya too, buddy.

Bee tea dub, this is post 199. Need to think of a big two hundo blowout.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Crystal said...

Hey we miss you, collectively, singularly, and in the royal sense.

Good thing Philly's so close to NYC.


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