Friday, March 13, 2009

Yea, no three hundo special, don't really feel like it

Ok, so, I am avoiding doing work, so I am posting on here all the time. Eh, happens sometimes. I am getting a bit done here and there, but mostly I am enjoying this wonderful weather. It's in that magical temperate sweet spot where it's warm enough for shorts, but a light jacket or long sleeve shirt is still nice. Also, no bugs yet, which is going to be a big problem in a couple weeks. So, I am soaking it all in as much as I can.

Recently I am getting a little unhealthily obsessed with some female singer/songwriters. Okay, maybe just two - Des Ark and Madeline. I guess Des Ark is more of a band, but the singer plays solo a lot and I think she writes most of the songs.

So first, Des Ark: I saw them in a basement show in West Philly a couple years ago. It was just about the most hip I have ever been. I was also drinking a 40, naturally. I like that some of the stuff is really quiet, just her and her guitar really, but some of the other songs kinda rock pretty hard.

Choice lyric: "I was a ghost of a lover to you, I let you make up all this shit that was never true. I couldn't see you so I left you in the dark."

Next up, Madeline: I saw her on Monday at the Dragon's Den with my friend Breonne, who knew her from Athens (Georgia). Evidently she has been playing around Athens since she was like 15, and is still ridiculously young, but MAN. She was GREAT. Great vocals, great songs, great variety. Plus, her website is pretty great too.

Choice lyric: "I know you won't ever call me Baby like you used to, truth is, it turned out to be fitting. I know you won't ever remember just how gorgeous August was now that it's September."

So there's that.



At 11:50 PM, Blogger robert said...

hey you should check out hurray for the riff raff- they are NOLA'ers and fit the female vocals soft spot. and banjo.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Yea, I've actually seen them a couple times - they're pretty good, though not entirely my thing. I also see the two kids from Dark Dark Dark who live here all the time. They have matching nerd glasses.


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