Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ANOTHER zombie apocalypse dream

(For mystery and excitement, skip the first paragraph. Thrills!)

I have this unfortunate habit of not remembering my dreams. I will probably only remember one every couple of weeks or so. I apparently remember my dreams about the zombie apocalypse really well though, and I had another one last night.

In this one, I was living with some family (not mine) in San Francisco. I think I was part of their family, but I was still me. Anyways, I was out somewhere with some people, doing something anti-government (like protesting or something...protesting a zombie government?!) and all of a sudden the secret service was trying to kill all of us with sniper rifles. We all scattered, and I think they got some of us. They followed me in a black SUV with a sniper hanging out of the window. I got stuck at a busy intersection and one of my buddies was yelling at me for stopping and not running through the intersection. The secret service people got right next to me but I batted away the gun, and ran as fast as I could back to my house.

Somehow I knew that the zombie apocalypse was upon us, and when I got home my family wasn't there, but my brother's door was closed. He was kind of a dick, and was really all about his privacy, so the note on the door that said "There's Blood In There" didn't seem that off to me, because I thought he was just being snarky. I scrambled around the house gathering supplies and then our dog came in and started scratching at his door. Then my parents came home and I started to hear growling and moaning from his room. My parents didn't know what was happening, but luckily I had already grabbed my machete and when he busted out of the room, I swung at his head and knocked his head off right away. Then I scurried out of the house, evidently leaving my parents behind.

Then I met up with my friends and we got on a boat...or maybe an airplane. (It was at this point in the morning that Steve (the cat) started licking my face and trying to eat plastic in the garbage, so my memories become hazier of the dream from here on out.) We headed to this abandoned island not unlike this one that I read about yesterday. And....I think that was about it. But like I said before, I have lots of trouble remembering this shit in general so I'm surprised I remembered this much.


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