Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Non-political post for once!

Ok, so - I am writing a zine. I am moving offline for this project. Crazy I know. But, must be done, I'm afraid. I am not shutting this down, but, ah, as the one to two month break between posts can attest, I've fallen a little behind.

As such, I thought I would share a little bit of the stuff that I've been writing. It's gonna be called "Something Happened Here" and it's gonna be about the crazy, weird, amazing, fun-as-hell summer we had here. It's written in the form of dispatches from different times and places throughout the summer, and I'm collecting artwork from various folks to make it look all purdy. Here's one of the entries....

dispatch 6 August 2009
in which
"who puts a pile of pillows out for the trash and then yells at you for being too loud in the inevitable pillow fight that happens when a dozen dirty punks on bikes ride by?!"

Full moon bike ride! We haven't had one since the water tower one that kicked off the summer, so it was great to have a wicked fun adventure with 11 other punx and one random "very important street artist" named Rain (Reign??) who joined up with us halfway, just in time for spin the bottle.

Callie and Carl, those lovable rapscallions, organized it, of course. The idea for this one was that everyone takes a sheet of paper and writes five directives on it - anything from "go two blocks, take a right" to "sing a Green Day song" to "Spin the bottle" (which we found out later was not even the real directive, but a beautiful improvisation!). Then, everyone took a sheet that wasn't theirs and read off their directions and we followed them. We started at Molly's, got organized, and we were off!

For some reason, at Dauphine and St Philip, someone put out a whole stack of pillows. It took us about .2 seconds before we realized our sacred duty - pillow fight! Ten minutes later, it was on to the next direction, which was (supposedly!) spin the bottle. After just a couple smooches, the guy whose house we were next to (and who put out the pillows?!?!) came out and yelled at us. We invited him to play but he seemed uninterested.

After a brief delay we found another spot and the smoochfest was ON. Much tongue action was to be had, as well as some ass grabbing, dry humping and even one cigarette smoke shotgun between Christopher and I (while open mouth kissing lolz!) Rain/Reign was not impressed at the prospect of making out with other boys (prude) and was constantly muttering stream of consciousness half nonsense. Boo to him.

Liz L came late and didn't write out directions, so she didn't pick one out of the hat. We decided that she would make up a direction for us at the end, when everyone else had read all their directions. She decided that the last direction was to go to back to Molly's and trade one article of clothing with someone else. One member of the troupe was wearing just a dress and underwear, so complained loudly about this directive. Liz simply responded with "Sorry love, but yr gonna have to get a little naked at Molly's!"

Sadly we never got to Molly's, because we suddenly got a rash of flat tires and had to fix them. As we waited, we all laid on each other and sang the entirety of "American Pie" by Don McLean. I think everyone but me knew all the words to that friggin song. It was unbelievable. But, since it was somewhere around one in the morning by this point, security guards came and kicked us off the river walk. Another rousing success of a full moon bike ride!


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Crystal said...

Sad to say, the only time I put a pile of pillows out in the trash is when they were home to a bed bug infestation...

Sounds really fun though:)

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Norco Louisiana said...

Yes! So many details I'd forgotten.

I think you should also immortalize the words of the security guard when Christopher asked, "How far from the parking lot should we move?"

"A long ways. You wouldn't believe how long."

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Drew said...


"Well, sir, we just want to get out of yr jurisdiction so you don't bother us any more. How far is yr jurisdiction?"

"You wouldn't believe how far!!"

"So, like, down there?" (Gestures 15 feet away)

"You wouldn't BELIEVE how far!"

Turns out we couldn't believe 15 feet away. Our imaginations, as the security guard predicted, couldn't comprehend 15 feet away. Because we got there and he didn't bother us any more.


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