Monday, October 24, 2005

I guess I do spoil him...

I have this headache. It's kinda behind my eyes a little bit, but also in my temples and behind my head at the base of my skull. It hurts to laugh, which is bad because adult swim is on and it's funny. Yea, der. Lou says it's because I haven't done anything all day - which is patently untrue, since I walked Liz up to the subway stop and got some iced coffee while I was up there. That's, like, an eight block rounf trip. That's some serious shit, man. I also ate some stuff, came on the computer, watched lots of tv, played lots of video games, fucked around with cats...fuck you, Lou.

Liz came down this weekend. It was good to have her back in good ol' Olney. She is quite fun and I like her. We went to see The Mountain Goats at prestigious Swarthmore College on Saturday and I was given a small glimpse of what my personal hell will probably be like. Surrounded by drunken fratties pressing against me, blowing cheap cigarette smoke past lips smeared with even cheaper beer, slutty girls screaming about anything and everything, it became abundantly clear to me that each and every one of us will have a terrible and frightening place carved out in a horrible place, most likely a way-too-small club at a pretentious college where no one cares about the band on the stage. All things considered, though, it was good to see my buddy Matt, albeit briefly, and the Goat(s?) themselves (himself?) were (was?) quite good. Jelone called Liz and I a "cute indie rock couple." Funny, since neither of us listen to music at all...

Daggers of Throwing will be riding full strength this weekend at The Emo House near St. Joe's in Overbrook. It's going to a big ol' Halloween party/show, and we're wicked excited to be playing it. We'll be dressing up in costumes and hopefully other people will be, too. Also, maybe the keg won't run out in the middle of our set and I will fall down three or fewer times. But I promise nothing! Also, we will be debuting our new song, which I just titled "This Is What Happens When You Find A Stranger In The Alps."

These are exciting times in which we live.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger GonzoMC said...

Don't you hate when the D and F keys get stuck together?


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