Saturday, December 24, 2005

In the year 2455, no one can hear you when your face gets ripped off by a space machete

Tonight's viewing of the modern masterpiece Jason X (filmed in my hometown of Outer Space) made me realize what great movies I've been able to view whilst I've been trapped here in Borotown. I've watched The Day After Tomorrow twice (so much Gyllenhaal/Quaid! ::swoon::). I watched part of Alice's Restaurant today (with Arlo Guthrie playing the part of Arlo Guthrie). I watched some shitball crapfest called Legion of the Dead (complete with a high-powered cast of Zack Galligan and Bruce Boxleitner (yea, I don't know who that is, either)). But the pinnacle really came yesterday when I was supposed to be helping Dadso move wood in front of the house and the following interaction occurred with waning daylight outside.

ME: Dad, as much as I would love to help you in this backbreaking endeavor, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome just came on, and I'm going to have to watch the whole thing.
DAD: [pauses] Is that the one with Tina Turner?
ME: Yeah.
DAD: [pauses] Okay, I'll be in there to watch in a minute.

We then proceeded to watch Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome for an hour and a half before finally making it outside with about an hour of daylight left. Then, of course, I got to watch the rest of it with John and his dad later that night.

Life is sweet.


At 1:34 AM, Blogger GABRIELA said...

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At 4:22 PM, Blogger Benny said...

"You can git ennything you want at Alice's Restaurant (excepting Alice!)..."

Arlo Guthrie was so damn fine back in the day. I named a cat after him, is how fine I think he once was. And mi amore and I want to name our firstborn son Arlo.

How did your cuppa ass turn out?

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Dreadful. All the TheraFlu and cinnamon coagulated at the bottom of the cup to form a gelatinous blob of horror, no matter how many times I stirred it. The throat it finally clearing up, though. Been having many "productive" coughs today.

And Arlo is a fine name. If it's good enough for Woody Guthrie, dammit, it's good enough for anyone.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Benny said...

Calling your coughs "productive" makes them sound as though they should be on an assembly line somewhere.

Arlo is a lovely name, but Woody is a shit ass name. It's making a comeback in these Midwestern parts. Dumb hicks.

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Dude, Bruce Boxleitner plays Tron in Tron. Duh.


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