Monday, December 05, 2005


Ok ok ok ok, so it's time for my obligatory progress-of-work update. I have 11 pages of my 30-32 page script done. That's including the six-plus that I'd written before. Wah wah.

However, in the meantime, I've listened to the whole Bane discography, linked a bunch of new people (the last four on the list to your right, my left), played a bit of Fishy, taken a shower, re-read Liz's letter twice, drank a huge cup of coffee, two cans of soda, and two giant mugs of water, taken three ibuprofen to handle caffeine headache, eaten a bunch of cheese and crackers and the rest of Liz's mom's turkey, exchanged a volley of text messages with a girl in New York City, picked at the things on my hands countless hundreds of times, played the intro to "In The Garage" six times, checked all away messages at least four times, gone down to the basement to play electric guitar once, updated blog twice, and talked with said girl in New York for nearly two hours online.

My friend Nick once said "Procrastination begets progress in other areas of procrastination; it's a beautiful process." Every time I have things to do, this makes more and more sense.


At 3:21 PM, Blogger Face of Spades said...

I'm practically weeping from the nostalgia. "Themes of...[sniff]...statesmanship...[sniff, exhale] L-L-L-Lord of theeeeaaahahhahahaBWAAAAAAHAAAAhaaahoooooo...[sniffle, wipe]...[cough] Rings...Gandalf versus Sa-Sa-SarumaaaaahhhhhhAHHHHhhhh...ahhh...Saruman...[sob, sniffle, stab]

P.S. the Word Verification thing wants me to type "Smenita". What does THAT mean in Latin?

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Makes me sad for those times when Aldorasi would show up still drunk on Tuesday from Saturday night drinking.

My word verification is "znmcqunh". I think that's Latin for "znmcqunh".

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Face of Spades said...

Ever since you wrote that I've been intermittently trying to remember who Aldorasi was.

I just remembered.



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