Monday, June 12, 2006

Even Old New York was once New Amsterdam

Just a quickie here, and one suspiciously lacking devoid of pictures (because of my auspiciously absent camera...more in a sec). Not too much to report. Just been enjoying my last week as a gentleman of leisure before returning to the land of the gainfully employed tomorrow. I'm going back and canvassing (banging on strangers' doors for the trees) for a week and a half tomorrow before starting my real job on the 22nd. Until then, it's old school.

The Girl's parents came over tonight for fancy dinner. The Girl made an excellent dinner of bleu cheese burgers, corn on the cob, and quiche. Very delicious. Thanks, Girl!

I also went to see Bane today, right before dinner. Ha. A good idea all around. During their set, I managed to get kicked on my left eyebrow twice, and now I have a sweet footprint on my forehead. Should be excellent talking to strangers tomorrow. Glasses and hat, here we come! I will post pics soon, hopefully, because that means I've found my camera. A good thing.

Sonic Youth on Wednesday. Hurrah. Much obliged, Mr. Norlen. Once I start my real job next week I'll have money and be able to hang out during normal human hours, so keep my in mind, my darlings.


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