Sunday, April 30, 2006


I've noticed that most of my blog titles are little more than expressions of exhaustion and frustration. I'm not really that frustrated or exhausted, but I think it gives me a little more character. And let's face it: I'm pretty boring, so I could certainly use some.

B has tagged me, apparently. I'm to understand that now I must write six weird things or habits about myself, then tag six other bloggers and notify them in their comments section. Intriguing. And Ford knows I love talking about myself, so here goes.

I have a clock thing. I can't set my alarm on a number ending in five or zero, and my clocks never say the right time - they're usually fast. Until this year, much to the chagrin of The Girl, I had two clocks in my room - one with the "correct time" (read: five minutes fast), and one that was something like 47 minutes fast. At one point it had a purpose because it made it easier to set my alarm, but that stopped being the case and I just kept the way-off clock to aggravate The Girl.

I have questionable personal hygiene at best. I hardly wear deodorant, unless I'm at work during the summer and have to deal with people I don't know, in which case I will apply deodorant at work. I shower two to three times a week at most.

Despite said questionable hygiene, I can't wear the same socks two days in a row. I simply can't do it.

I saw Stick It last night and it was...really good. Genuinely funny and hot chicks in leotards. I'm okay with that. It did bring about some 'Nam flashbacks, though, because....

I was a male cheerleader in high school. I played football in the fall and the in winter I donned the ol' pom poms and skirt and lifted girls above my head. Senior year, I was captain of the football team in the fall and then of the cheerleading team in the winter. Oh god, I'm so embarassed...

I play guitar, bass, and drums, but none of them very well at all. I started out playing drums and moved to bass then guitar. I mostly play guitar now, but not as well as The Girl and that makes me both jealous and kinda hot.

Okay, now for the tagging...
Rick, Tsikitas, McGrath (the one person with less to do than me), Jelone, P Ho, annnnnd Lou. Mm, we'll see about all this, I guess.


At 12:47 AM, Blogger Rick said...

Number cinco is not complete.

Because of your cheerdom, you got one of our very most good friends suspended. Simply because he wanted you to take off your pants.
Which Ironically was not a cheerleading joke, but an I-14 joke...

takes me back

At 12:48 AM, Blogger Rick said...


no tag backs sukka!

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Benny said...

Drew, very nice! And what kind of high school did you go to that let you be captain of both football and cheerleading and graduate with all your limbs and facial features in tact?

You smell,


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Emily said...

I also don't wear deodorant a lot, especially in the summer, which is odd I know.

Anddd I hate more then life wearing the same socks again. I can’t even take a shower in the middle of the day and put the same socks on again. Needless to say I own a lot of socks.

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the onion gave stick it a c-. i'm just saying.

it also informed me today that amazon's one-click feature recently bankrupted an area parkinson's sufferer...

p.s. why is there a handicapped sign next to the word verification box?

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Drew said...

The handicapped thing makes some beeping noises - either my computer is telling me to fuck off in Morse code or it's for hearing impaired old people like me. Did you even try clicking it, dummy?


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