Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I'm really quite tired of looking at apartments and the whole debacle that this summer is shaping up to be. I just want to relax, get a mindless job, read some books, do some writing, play some guitar, and spend as much time as I can with The Girl. Ho hum.

Ok, ideas forming in my head, and I want to get this thing off the ground soon. I'm very much into the idea of doing something with Chris Sabo. Just look at that!! I'm thinking The Chris Sabo Knife Fight Challenge. It could lend itself to some excellent bad photoshopping - and let's be honest here: I love bad photoshopping.

So the ED2/AOD fest is still happening on Monday. 8 pm at The Balcony at The Troc. Let me know if you're coming.


At 3:35 AM, Blogger GonzoMC said...

I understand your dislike for being associated with anything that sounds credible or realistic, but I'm thinking we need to have wider appeal with out blog title. Kitsch appeal is great, and I'm all about ironic/moronic titles, but I'd hate for the site to be debunked by the title before people even got to the real crazy stuff within.

So, the obvious choice is "Roid Free since '03" www.roidfree.blogspot.com

Or maybe just "Play Ball" www.playball.blogspot.com


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