Monday, March 27, 2006


Whoa. I blacked out again. Shit's hectic. The Girl from New York was here, and she's crazy cool. I can't really say what we did, but we spent some time doing a bunch of shit. Saturday I went to see Cleanest River In America at The Troc, and that was pretty sweet. I ended up doing sound for the band and the other comedy group, but that was okay. The ambiguously British sound guy set me up and vaguely hit on me, and I was totally okay with that. Then The Girl missed her bus (twice...kinda) and I played MVP for a long time. Hurrah!

Over at the apartment blog, I'm pretty sure that I had the most comments last week, so I owe many, many thanks to Sully, McGrath, and Kaylin. I will be commencing with comments all around soon, quite soon. I just have a ton of shit this week, including the April Serious Day version of the Collegian. Until then, though, just remember: Sly Stallone directed this movie.


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