Saturday, March 04, 2006

Funny how these things slip past

So I, uh...yea, don't know what happened. It's like I blacked out and forgot I had a blog. I mean, I suppose it could have been worse and I could start updating never, but it felt like a long time to me. And that's all that matters, because I'm number one.

Not much happening. Realized last night that I should never allow myself to play in a serious poker tournament because I end up just getting really bored. I was winning a small tourney last night until deep into the game and just started playing every hand and making really stupid bets so that I could play Mario Soccer. Oh, and Monkey Ball.

Feeling very grown up lately, been taking responsibility for things and making things about to happen. Very exciting. Made an eye doctor's appointment, called PGW and bitched at them about my bill, stood in line at the post office for a couple minutes decades, took a train up to Fort Washington to facilitate my gambling problem, woke up before noon (though fell back asleep), had a child out of wedlock, listened to some 70s rock - you know, old people stuff.

It's the beginning of my spring break today, and I feel like I'm gonna be severely bored for a couple of days. Heading up to visit The Girl From New York on Wednesday, but not much else planned before then. So if anyone is in this neck of the woods (The Moon...don't forget your oxygen), gimme a holllller. Please. Seriously. I can only play so much MVP Baseball before my fingers get raw.

Last item of business - I'm in the market for a place in Philly over the summer. I would prefer West Philly and/or someplace near a park, but if anyone has any hot leads, let me know. The Girl and I are probably going to shack up, so shout, shout, let it all out if you can help a brother out.


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