Sunday, October 30, 2005

Is that your blood? Some of it, yeah.

So the Daggers of Throwing show went swimmingly last night. We played a bunch of originals that went over well and some choice covers that got the (slightly...ok severely) tipsy crowd moving around a lot. And, during our "encore," the cops came and broke everything up. Some would say that we got cheated; I like to think that we just rocked so hard that the cops had to come and try to cover it up in the name of national security. Then again, I still think that the doozers weren't a cruelly enslaved race.

Here's a picture of the shirt I wore last night.

I wish some more of that was real blood.

Norlen just pointed out to me that this coming Saturday is November 5th, 2005, which is, according to BTTF, the 50th anniversary of the idea of time travel. This will certainly be a red letter day in the history of science, Doc.

List of things to do today:
1) Dishes
2) Hang up laundry that has been sitting in washer for 72 hours.
4) Clean room
5) Start on essay about how modernity is overrated

Most everything is done, though number three is often overlooked....


At 4:24 AM, Blogger Benny said...

Please post essay on why modernity is overrated in this here blog. Or at least excerpts. Annotated excerpts.

(Something strange and unrelated: my code to type in before I can submit this comment is "bnckrieg" -bnc are my initials, krieg means war in German. Is your blog trying to tell me something on this fine, autumny holiday?)

At 2:01 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Please don't.


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