Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sabado Gigante!!!

If you are an insomniac (or a fake insomniac like me who just has really terrible sleep patterns), you really learn to appreciate infomercials. You learn to love the overacting, the archetypical characters (the naysayer, the soothsayer, the martial arts instructor audience member), the incredulous smiles and gaping mouths of an audience that simply can't believe that they would give away so much for only $49.95!

Personally, my favorite infomercials are the ones for Ronco. He has one for his Showtime Rotisserie ("Set it and Forget it!") and another (which is to me the pinnacle of the art form that is the infomercial) advertising his 25-piece knife set. In the latter one, he starts off selling one knife for three easy payments of $13.33, but by the end he's giving twenty-five for the same price! UNREAL!! Ron Popeil is a great American.

The reason this comes up, though, is because last night I realized that all these five a.m. mornings have been worth it. Why, you ask? (Just pretend you asked.) Well, last night I saw a Ronco infomercial...IN SPANISH!!! I don't think you quite understand how much I love Spanish television and Ronco, but needless to say I think I can die now.



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