Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back to the grind of waking up at 2 pm

So it's been tough over here at Plastic Coffee Cups. We had to wake up at 12 yesterday for Christmas-related festivities and at 1 today to play football in the rain and mud and 40 degree weather. We also didn't have any coffee or tea today (!!!) and have only had one cup of coffee in the past five days. Needless to say, the caffeine headache this evening was tremendous. Now that the sore throat is gone, it's back to the strict two-cups-a-day policy that's been in place ever since the elders passed the edict in the fourth century After The Death Of That Guy.

I've been screwing around with this Pandora thing for a bit, ever since Lou and my beloved Grauke turned me on to it. Basically, you type in an artist you like, and the program goes through thousands of artists and finds other tracks that are similar and creates a "station" based on your artist. It's fucking cool, and The Bad Plus station I have on right now is really hitting the spot.


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