Friday, August 18, 2006

I spend a lot of money, I buy you hhhwhite gold

Um, bored at work for the first time in forever. Mostly I've been battling with my inbox, trying to create a filter to grab bounces that come to me, since I am the PIRG web and post master. That's right - I can see you quivering with awe.

Ew. Stop quivering. That's a gross word.

I've noticed that my blog isn't really much of a blog. So how's about I show off some of my handy work?

Here's a section that I created a little while ago for Environment Colorado.

Here's one for Environment California.

Um. That's about all. Oh, and there's always this, in case everyone and their moms hasn't seen it.



At 5:06 PM, Blogger j. leo said...

I think I had my internship last year in the same building that Environment California uses. Right in the thick of Hollywood, which makes sense, doesn't it?


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