Monday, July 27, 2009

Ah, New Orleans

Sometimes, it's easy to remember why this city rules.

Just returned from a weekend trip to Austin. That is also a really fantastic city. It's just as hot as NOLA, though in a drier-but-hotter kinda way. But the big thing about Austin? SO MUCH FUCKING SWIMMING.

Barton Springs is obviously amazing, and we swam there twice. We also went to the Red Bud swimming hole. Both of these are within a five minute drive of downtown.

It's also a cool place because there are so many young people and so much stuff to do. Whereas in New Orleans you hear people lamenting about "oh my god EVERYTHING is happening tonight!" on a night where there are three things going on, in Austin there seems to always be about 648 things to do every night.

And damn is everyone there ridiculously good looking! I got whiplash at Whole Foods.

But now it's back to New Orleans, and the thrilling/depressing roller coaster ride that is living here...