Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I just poured my second cup of coffee and I swear on everything, holy or otherwise, that I heard my travel mug crying.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Whoa. I blacked out again. Shit's hectic. The Girl from New York was here, and she's crazy cool. I can't really say what we did, but we spent some time doing a bunch of shit. Saturday I went to see Cleanest River In America at The Troc, and that was pretty sweet. I ended up doing sound for the band and the other comedy group, but that was okay. The ambiguously British sound guy set me up and vaguely hit on me, and I was totally okay with that. Then The Girl missed her bus (twice...kinda) and I played MVP for a long time. Hurrah!

Over at the apartment blog, I'm pretty sure that I had the most comments last week, so I owe many, many thanks to Sully, McGrath, and Kaylin. I will be commencing with comments all around soon, quite soon. I just have a ton of shit this week, including the April Serious Day version of the Collegian. Until then, though, just remember: Sly Stallone directed this movie.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What's with today...today?

It's not even 11 a.m. yet, but it's already been a ridiculous day. Whilst grabbing my Nectar of the Gods™ at the Union this morning, some girl that I kinda know came up to me and told me that one of her friends had seen me (in all my morning glory) and said that "there's a pretty guy." I mumbled something and ran away screaming. Then on my way into the Comm Center, I ran into this woman who I don't really know but was in my fiction class, so she always feels obliged to make some random comment to me even though I never talk to her. Today she looked at me and said, "Boy, you look like how I feel! So tired..." So I smiled and walked away. No sense trying to be coherent when I look that bad. (Aw, burn!)

I'm finally getting around to posting for the first time on this apartment blog, so y'all should go check that out, especially if you're looking for places around the country. Here's the other deal - whichever blogger gets the most comments in a week gets a thirty dollar bonus, so if you comment and I win, then maybe I'll buy ya something nice. Just do ittttttt

Friday, March 17, 2006

An extended monarchical rule in sanguine fluid

See, here's the thing. Whenever I learn songs on guitar, I tend to learn them too fast and thus make them harder to play. But with Slayer, no matter how fast I play, I can't catch up. However fast you think Slayer plays, that's exactly how fast you play. And you'll never be able to catch up.

Fucking NCAA tournament. ...that's all.

I had a job interview today on the phone for a TA job at a gifted students' summer program. One of the questions they asked was what I would if a student had a crush on me. Lou suggested that I should have told them, "I'd have sex with her." Unfortunately I talked to him after the interview was over. They also asked me what I would do if I heard a student telling another one that something was "gay." Hindsight being a cruel mistress (and integrity being hard to come by in my extemporaneous speaking), I realized I should have said that I would have called the student gay and then kissed him. Alas.

I applied to write for this site. Seems like a sweet deal, and I'm going to give them the link to this here blog. I hope you like Slayer!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Un momento

Sweet quiz over on the ol' livejournal.

I miss those days...


Much-delayed/anticipated welcome to Mr. Leo. He is the only man on the planet who has as much appreciation of Journey and Road House as those paragons of multimedia deserve.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Well how do you like that

I had no idea that St. Patrick's Day was a week-long celebration now. I think I missed the memo. And thank gahd, the archdiocese finally reached a decision on whether or not Irish people can eat chipped beef on Friday.

...I don't know what the decision is, but I know they made one because Fox told me so. And they wouldn't lie.

Note to self: Dad's birthday on Friday. Send beer.

These are exciting times, my friend

Another weekend up in New York with The Girl, another week gone by without a post. It's much easier to not post than I thought. This past week was my spring break, and I showed my tits to everyone. It was tremendous. I also participated in much-delayed Sitting Around™ and Bouts of Nothing™. (I'm so happy I learned the code for that. Go me!) Big things are happening on the life-after-graduation front (after many light-heartedly-threatening-but-still-quite-menacing phone calls from Dad, most of which occured on Friday nights). Looking at a couple of apartments in West The Moon, got a for-real job interview on Saturday (business casual, no earrings, no shave - yet), and have another interview for a TA job with a summer program, for which I have to construct a lesson plan. Scary/exciting/interesting/weird.

That's about it. Back to the grind this week. Haven't been doing much creative stuff that wasn't forced at gunpoint lately, but here's the beginning of an essay (read: fragments and random bullshit) I wrote at some point.

New York is a weird fucking place, man. It's a strange universe, a dimension of unreality and skewed perceptions, a world filled with too much to do and people self-important enough to try and get as much of it done as they can.

It's become abundantly clear to me that New York's two biggest imports are overeduated materialists and legitimately crazy people. Nowhere else have I ever seen such opulence contrasted so starkly with people who cannot keep their yelps and screams and naked bodies to themselves.

The city sometimes feels like the Bric-a-Brac section of the Salvation Army - the collected odds and ends of a thousand cities and a million towns boxed up and overnighted to a place that might find some use or place for them. The pieces that never quite fit or the egos that were just a little too big or the putty that was never quite shaped to the right dimensions always seem to make their way to New York.

For me, there's always a sense of urgency teeming on the sidewalks of the city. The people, the cars, the marquees, the lights, the streetlamps - you can feel a palpable energy beating with every step of a shoe against the concrete.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Last year in the Collegian (shit yea we're online...though my section isn't, the bastards), I wrote an article about LFBs, or Less Famous Brothers. My list included many notables, like Joe Estevez, Frank Stallone, Clint Howard, Eric Roberts, and the lesser Baldwins. But it wasn't until this week that I stumbled onto a couple of movies that expanded that topic and blew it clear out of the water. Until this movie, the highest concentration of LFBs that I had found was the Rollerblade 7 trilogy starring Joe Estevez and Frank Stallone. But Beach Babes from Beyond had Joe, Don Swayze, Joey Travolta, and Sly and Frank's MOM, Jackie. Just...just amazing. The other movie I need to mention is Death Ring with several LFSs (Less Famous Sons), including Mike Norris and Chad McQueen (who studied under Mike's dad). Simply amazing. I need these movies pronto!!!

Funny how these things slip past

So I, uh...yea, don't know what happened. It's like I blacked out and forgot I had a blog. I mean, I suppose it could have been worse and I could start updating never, but it felt like a long time to me. And that's all that matters, because I'm number one.

Not much happening. Realized last night that I should never allow myself to play in a serious poker tournament because I end up just getting really bored. I was winning a small tourney last night until deep into the game and just started playing every hand and making really stupid bets so that I could play Mario Soccer. Oh, and Monkey Ball.

Feeling very grown up lately, been taking responsibility for things and making things about to happen. Very exciting. Made an eye doctor's appointment, called PGW and bitched at them about my bill, stood in line at the post office for a couple minutes decades, took a train up to Fort Washington to facilitate my gambling problem, woke up before noon (though fell back asleep), had a child out of wedlock, listened to some 70s rock - you know, old people stuff.

It's the beginning of my spring break today, and I feel like I'm gonna be severely bored for a couple of days. Heading up to visit The Girl From New York on Wednesday, but not much else planned before then. So if anyone is in this neck of the woods (The Moon...don't forget your oxygen), gimme a holllller. Please. Seriously. I can only play so much MVP Baseball before my fingers get raw.

Last item of business - I'm in the market for a place in Philly over the summer. I would prefer West Philly and/or someplace near a park, but if anyone has any hot leads, let me know. The Girl and I are probably going to shack up, so shout, shout, let it all out if you can help a brother out.