Monday, January 26, 2009

Once monthly post!

So, I promise that I have not been deliberately avoiding you, little ol' bloggy blog. It's just...things have been crazy...I've been working a lot....and you know, sometimes I just don't the same way about you that I did.

No no, I still like you, it's just...different.

Ahem. Well.

In a soul-bearing act of confession rarely seen in the declining dead end of Western civilization, I am admitting that I look way too hipster today. From head to toe, what I am wearing.

-- Aloof haircut that is really just the leftovers of another haircut, performed in a bathroom.

-- Kanye sunglasses (not the super 80s ones, but like these:


-- Pink/salmon/fuchsia (I'm color blind) Members Only jacket:

-- Snap-button plaid Western shirt

-- Thrift store "Let's Get Physical" T-shirt

-- Relatively tight, very light blue jeans (with bike chain grease)

-- Saucony Jazz sneakers you even need to ask? Yes, it was all purchased at thrift stores - various ones in Philly, Denver, New Orleans and Chile.