Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new zine idea

ok, not that anyone reads this anymore, but i'm coming crawling back anyways.

i came up with what i think is a pretty good idea for a zine last night. carl helped a lot, in a way that is somewhat indirect, but also very direct.

my friend carl - he of so many biking and other adventures - has been banished by the us government for at least five years to his motherland of canada. needless to say this has made many of us here in new orleans very sad, shocked, distraught, angry. his sister came into town this week to pick up a bunch of his stuff, and last night we had a bonfire/party at his old house. he wrote a long letter and a poem that liz read to us, and supplied a bag of planting corn from his parents' farm. we each took some corn, and his letter instructed us to hang on to the corn and think of it as a little piece of carlito as we go on with our lives.

so this gave me an idea - i'm gonna do just that, and i'm gonna write another volume of something happened here, dedicated to carlito, in which i take "him" on all of our adventures this summer (or at least the ones where he won't get lost) and take photographs, write stories, have fun, be merry, drink too much, and generally do everything that would make carl happy and proud. it'll also provide some breathing room to write some more reflective stuff and give the thing a little depth, or something, running with some ideas carl touched on in his letter on the nature of government, immigration, what it means to have friends and something to come home to, etc.

oh, also, the piece of corn is named carlitoito - little little carl.

so a toast to carl, and a promise - "something happened here, vol 2: the adventures of carlitoito - summer 2010"