Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another one for the "oh hey, no shit!" file

File under "we figured this out five years ago, why didn't you?"

White House admits fault on 'Mission Accomplished' banner.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strange bedfellows

So in the past eight nights, I have spent the night in eight different places.

Wednesday 4/16 - My bed in Philly

Thursday 4/17 - Amtrak, between Philly and Boston

Friday 4/18 - Hotel, Gardner, MA

Saturday 4/19 - Space Machine, Somerville, MA

Sunday 4/20 - Stephan household, Northboro, MA

Monday 4/21 - Nate's house, Boston, MA

Tuesday 4/22 - Paul's house, Boston, MA

Wednesday 4/23 - John's house, Cambridge, MA

Tonight might also be spent at John's house, thus breaking this unlikely and dubiously distinctive streak. Friday night will almost certainly be spent in NYC at Crystal's house, so if I can find another place tonight that would make ten places in ten nights. I kinda wanna make it happen.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Help save the youth of America

Blogging from Boston. Being out for 2 days = several hundred emails that require my IMMEDIATE attention from work. As much as I do still enjoy my job in many ways, I can safely say that I won't mind being out of that spotlight for a while. As patient as I like to think I am, it has gotten to me at times, and this past weekend was one of those times.

The wedding was very nice, and it went off without a hitch. KDHL and I got shitty with my brother on Friday night, and then woke up late and took our time on Saturday morning, then had to get ready and pack all our shit up in about 4 minutes, so we showed up dead last to the ceremony, looking great but also sweaty and clearly very hungover. It only lasted about 20 minutes (which should be the time limit on weddings, btw), then we were at the reception for a few hours, which was pretty fun. Our wedding gift was a Slip n Slide and water balloons. Those will obv come in handy.

Saturday night was the Too Soon party at the Space Machine, and it went swimmingly. Not too many people there, but everyone who was there was pretty quality and there were some really good costumes. Pictures will appear somewhere at some point...maybe. Cory slept on top of the washer and dryer and we hung out on the porch all day Sunday, fratting it up.

All in all, a pretty amazing time so far and I look forward to the next week and a half. Going to Red Sox games tonight and Thursday, probably going to NYC on Friday. Busy busy!

Also, I've been reading this dude Aaron Cometbus, an author that Mo just turned me on to. I'm reading his book "Double Duce" and loving it. I read this passage this morning and thought I'd share it with everyone, since it seemed to strike a chord with me.

Willey started talking again about marriage, raising a family, and moving to Montana. Of course, that was my worst nightmare. My inner grandfather had an entirely different take on things.

"Family, Aaron, is not you and a punk girl in a dumpster. Neither is it isolation and self-sufficiency on a farm in Bumfuck, Nowhere. Family is the great family of man. Family is the strangers passing on the street in the city, mutual respect and subtle interdependence. Settling down means becoming comfortable with yourself and your role in society, not selling out. Why can't you be more like Gorky? Focus your creativity to give birth to something you can be proud of, something which would make your poor grandfather embarrassed but make society as a whole more understanding and inspired."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Space shuttles!

KDHL is here tomorrow. I think that will be a fun time. It's going to be a busy weekend, though. She gets here tomorrow night, we run around Philly on Thursday, have dinner on Thursday night with her family, grab a train to Boston at midnight, get into Northboro around 9 a.m., go up to Gardner in the afternoon to hang with my family at the place where my sister's getting married, go to my sister's wedding on Saturday morning, go into Boston on Saturday night, party our faces off at the Space Machine, then KDHL heads home on Sunday night. Phew!

Then I'm up in Boston for about two weeks, with a quick little jaunt to NYC to see Crystal and Wes, then it's back to Philly for about a month, then it's New Orleans. Phew!

I'm excited for this Boston trip. It will probably be the last time I see most of those kids, as well as the fam, for a while. I'm glad that I'm getting a chance to spend some quality time with them, even if they're going to try to make me drink to forget most of it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bigger than guns, bigger than cigarettes

Quick post today -

Going a protest in about an hour for Casino Free Philadelphia, which should be really good. We have a giant papier mache replica of Gov. Ed Rendell's head (which is actually to scale, I think), and we're going to debate it. It's symbolic, see, because he hasn't answered any serious questions about the _real_ cost of casinos. Hopefully we'll get some good media coverage, but one of their reports already has which is rad.

Also, I think I'm just ridiculously behind the times, but I saw this video for the first time the other day, and I couldn't stop being really jealous that they were having so much fun. Dudes rehearsed for eight days and then filmed this in one take. Video evidently cost five bux to make.

Also, every once in a while I have to be reminded of the genius that is Peter Gabriel.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Who are the ad wizards....

So I just saw a commercial for an acid reflux medicine called "AcipHex." All well and good, until they pronounce the name of the product. They run the "pH" into an "f". Sooooo yea. Um, do they have anyone on their ad team under the age of 60? Or anyone with hearing?

Because when you add in that "f" sound, your product, d-bags, is "Ass Effects."


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Monday blog that's so hungover it can't even get up till Thursday

So here's the much-delayed blog post - I love how much I felt what Drew calls the "fake pressure" of the blog world. I really felt like I wanted to write here really badly, but I just couldn't get around to it. I had "work" to do or something like that. So yea - back off.

I'm live blogging from my back yard, where Steve the Cat is meandering about amongst the ruins of the weekend's party. The remnants of six cases of beer, a bunch of trash, more cigarette butts than I care to think about - overall, the party was, I believe, a rousing success. Boston came down with furious vengeance, and also ridiculous drinking and chain-smoking, and we had some very scantily-clad men and well-dressed women prancing about the newly-labeled "Time Machine." Pictures are on the Book of Faces, and I think I'm friends with most of y'all out there, so check 'em out.

Ok, so - as I think most of you know, the main reason I've been antsy lately (as was mentioned a little while ago) is that I've decided to leave my job sometime this summer (June-ish) and move to New Orleans. I basically decided this a few months ago, and it's just now that I've been able to nail down the plan as much as I can for right now. I'm applying to jobs and looking at apartments and shit - it's all very exciting and I really can't wait to get down there. Thanks to everyone who's listened to me babble on about this, and everyone had better and visit. It's a very, very fantastic place and if you come down, you'll fall in love, too. It's okay, happens to everyone.

Other shit - spring needs to come in the worst way, and my allergy medicine needs to start working like whoa. Cool idea for a post over at Fuckyouistan. I need to get more sleep - the generic benadryl I bought today should help that. Thought of an amazing idea a little while ago that I will need to dedicate a whole post to shortly. I have been cooking a lot lately, and maybe I will post some of the recipes I have been using so that people can enjoy these delicious veggie dishes as much as I have. A couple of very hilarious lists over at McSweeney's.

Ok, I need to go sneeze all over Steve now.