Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Steve just pooped and it smells and it's still fucking hot up here

I won't lie: my new job has me sitting in front of a computer for 9 or 10 hours a day, so really, I have both no and every excuse to not update. But here are some quick news bulletins.

My new job is making me learn HTML. This is scary and makes me feel like I live in the Matrix.

I've been biking into work, but the trolley that I used to take into the city comes so infrequently that I've been tempted to hop on it when I see it in front of my house simply because it's there. I don't know, it's an impulse that Septa's shittiness has ingrained into me.

I like eating wings. Mmm. You should come to Wing Night on Mondays. It's swell.

The guy behind my apartment who was using a table saw every morning at 8 has finally stopped, I think. Maybe I'm just getting better at not hearing it.

On a related note, I think anything that's metal, sharp, and spins at a high velocity is the scariest thing ever. Just that noise. Youch.

I started wearing my helmet because my bike is a death trap. Yikes.

I'm sweating a lot. So I'm gonna peace.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How many..

How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?

Ahh, Calvin and Hobbes, I hardly knew ye.

I start my new job tomorrow. Very exciting times. I'll be updating websites - something that's actually in my field, if you think about it. Because English majors' field is any fucking job ever. I've been canvassing for the last week and a half or so so I can pick up some money and get back to the people. (snicker snicker.) The twelve hour days aren't exactly the most conducive to posting.

Many congrats and well wishes to the eminent Ajayi, who got married this past weekend. Best of luck, and now that you're in Boston, you can stop stealing my sandwiches and chips right out of my hands.

Also, if anyone wants to buy me and air conditioner, I probably would be opposed to it.

I feel like someday my blog could use more pics. But today is not that day. Slainte!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Even Old New York was once New Amsterdam

Just a quickie here, and one suspiciously lacking devoid of pictures (because of my auspiciously absent camera...more in a sec). Not too much to report. Just been enjoying my last week as a gentleman of leisure before returning to the land of the gainfully employed tomorrow. I'm going back and canvassing (banging on strangers' doors for the trees) for a week and a half tomorrow before starting my real job on the 22nd. Until then, it's old school.

The Girl's parents came over tonight for fancy dinner. The Girl made an excellent dinner of bleu cheese burgers, corn on the cob, and quiche. Very delicious. Thanks, Girl!

I also went to see Bane today, right before dinner. Ha. A good idea all around. During their set, I managed to get kicked on my left eyebrow twice, and now I have a sweet footprint on my forehead. Should be excellent talking to strangers tomorrow. Glasses and hat, here we come! I will post pics soon, hopefully, because that means I've found my camera. A good thing.

Sonic Youth on Wednesday. Hurrah. Much obliged, Mr. Norlen. Once I start my real job next week I'll have money and be able to hang out during normal human hours, so keep my in mind, my darlings.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

In Victorian England, my lifestyle would be wholly acceptable

...Except for the living with a female I'm not married to. So, in the words of my friend Mr. Lazor, it's been a minute. Appy polly oggies, my dearest droogs. Not too much going on, as I am currently a gentleman of leisure. Translation? Unemployed. I was supposed to start painting with my boy E-Rock, but the jobs keep getting fucked up and whatnot, so I'm just dicking around right now. The Girl has been job hunting/working like whoa, so I've just been meeting up with her and screwing around, mostly in air-conditioned areas, seeing as it's hot as balls here. Not too much to report. Steve Nash is going out with Nelly Furtado. Hung out with Drew and Michelle and fucking crazy-ass Nike the dog tonight. Crazy. Sweating a lot. Uhhh, Steve the cat is annoying. Errr, my computer is in the loft of my apartment and it's 23424234234 degrees up here and I'm getting down. Much love.