Friday, June 29, 2007


You know that Charlie Rich song, "Behind Closed Doors"? That's one of my favorite songs.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WWLDD update

I have a date tonight! With a really awesome girl!

I don't plan on shooting her, but I just really love that photo.

The funniest part of this is that Dirt totally got an update up about this before I did.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

To clarify (v)

I think my sister is an awesome person and I support and respect the decisions she makes - she is an adult and her life is her own. I trust her to live her life in a meaningful and responsible manner. She's smarter than me anyways.

The point of my post was that I could never. even. begin. to think about getting married at any point in the near future of my own life. I've already lived with two significant others and I don't feel any closer to reaching that point in my life.

This, of course, means nothing to anyone but me. And that was the only point of my post.

Well, that and to hate on Summer School.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cinco de Mustache! evidence - finally!


This one pretty much sums up the night, I think,


I need this one on a t-shirt in the worst way.


The gang's all here mustachioed.


Amy, Kaylin, Joe, Drew (featuring authentic Members Only pink salmon jacket).


"Why yes, I will take a crack at porking your daughter. Thank you for asking."


Yea, I'm not sure I know, either.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No no, you clearly told us to play "(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight" as your wedding song!

You know what's a weird feeling? When you realize that as you're checking out girls at a bar or even just on the street - and don't even play like you aren't doing it, cuz ya are - you start looking to see if they're wearing a ring. You know what's even weirder? Realizing that the reason you started knowing this was because of a throwaway line in a really, really shitty movie.

Fuck man, I'm 23, and I see women and girls and chicks and broads wearing rings all over the place, some of them looking like they don't even have a year on me. Who does that? Who gets married so young? I'll tell you who - my sister. She's 21 and engaged to be married next spring, when she's 22. Madness, I tell you! Although really, it's wracked with hilarity since I, the middle one, have lived with two (2) significant others already, and my brother, the oldest (28), is going out with a girl from my high school class. Yikes!

I'm not saying that it's wrong or right, it just weirds me out. (Okay, I _did_ call it madness, but that's not _necessarily_ a value judgment.) I just can't even fathom, at this age, to make that kind of commitment. True, I was straight edge for a good 9 years or so, but really, straight edge let me go out and do a whole lot of things that a wife wouldn't (like make out with other life philosophies...okay, the metaphor breaks down here a little(btw, what the fuck is up with that picture I linked to?!)). It just seems like madness to me.

Okay, on to other things -

Crystal threw down the gauntlet by posting one of the funniest note ever in her latest post. She also threw it down by telling me to "stop coasting on this fine post" and post something new. So here we are.

I can't believe I never linked to this before. Make sure you listen to "If I Could Smell Her Cunt," "It's Me!" and "Put the Fucking Lotion in the Basket." Also stay excited for Fox News: The Musical. Should be riveting, fair and/or balanced. Also, the best song ever.

Well, my roommate left me a drunken note last night that I saw this morning that told me that we should "get fucked up" and "bond" (quotes are his, not mine). So, I'm off.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dear John Cusack

Dear Mr. Cusack,

How are you? I think you're great. You're one of my favorite actors, and many of your movies rank near the top of all-time favorites list. I just watched One Crazy Summer again the other day - it's brilliant! Whatever happened to Savage Steve Holland? His movies were so revolutionary and we could use another few of them around.

A little while ago, my male friends and I struggled to find a way to express how we feel about you - we all admire your ability to be with women in movies, your everyman sensibilities and your general good-natured personality, both in movies and from what we have seen in real life. You also keep a low Hollywood profile, you keep your nose clean, you have a good relationship with your family, and your politics are top-notch. After much discussion and debate, we came up with the term "man-crush" for how we feel about you. This basically means that we admire you in a deeply affectionate Platonic way, but, given the opportunity and/or motive, we would probably like to take walks in the park with you, cook good food for you, get to know your family, and, yes, probably sleep with you.

All that said, I was writing to see how it was that I could go about talking with girls. I know you're not married, but I feel like you must have picked up a thing or two along the way and can pass some sage-like advice to a guy who just doesn't know how to meet girls. I've had a few long-term girlfriends - lived with them both, in fact - but I seem to have a lot of trouble talking to girls and keeping them interested. I'm not the most exciting guy, but I'm certainly not the dullest, either. (It took all I had to keep a movie reference out till then. Won't let it happen again.) How do I just go up and talk to girls I think are cute? I'm normally not _that_ shy, but when it comes to this, I seem pretty hopeless. Any tips you can give me would be infinitely helpful. Thank you!



Sunday, June 03, 2007

Supreme and genuine thanks

I leave Denver tomorrow...well, today I guess. I can't believe the month went by like that. Simply amazing. As I said recently, this is a helluva town and I can certainly see myself here sometime in the near future. I need it.

All that said about the town, it wouldn't have been nearly as fun without the people I've been spending all this time with. So, I need to send out some serious thank yous to the awesome people of Marion Street, both those who live here and those who just drink here. Wes (ha HA, dangly parts!), Luke (let's launch over it!), Dan (I wish I could quit you...) and Hammer (now you don't have to listen to me quote!) - you guys fucking rule. Thanks for letting me crash here forevz.

I'll be back in a couple weeks. And we can keep lolzing about everything then.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Is you what they call "gangsta"? Hell no

As this picture was being taken, Wes said to me, "If people ask you how your trip to Colorado was, just flash this photo to them."

So, here's me flashing this photo.

More pics!

This was our campsite, a nice little aspen grove next to a stream. Hammer and Jamie are posing. Wes is hiding.

The crew - Wes, Hammer, Luke, Jamie. We fit all of us and our gear in a Chevy Prism. We bottomed out a lot.

Fort Garland, Colorado. The post office and grocery are in the same building.

Annelia + mountains + dunes = super awesome.

Everybody up on top of High Dune - Dave, Jen, Jamie, Luke, Hammer, Wes, Annelia in front.

Annelia and Wes on top of High Dune, my thumb interfering as always.

Dave, Luke, Jamie, Hammer, Jen, Wes and Annelia, meet mountains, dunes.

You know them by now.

Memorial Day is crowded.

View from the Visitors Center.